Saturday, May 11, 2013


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We had a beautiful week. Warm, summer weather, to be enjoyed and spend time outside. I got to go meet my future goat whom I home to bring home in the next week or so. The very kind people who are selling her, took the time to give me a milking lesson. Now, I have visions of fresh milk, home made cheese, and butter, dancing in my head.

We also took advantage the weather to go to the beach and dig some clams. The Kids and dogs had a blast playing in the sand and water. getting very dirty, and coming home very tiered. We collected a large bucket full of soft shell clams. Enough to have fried clams one day, and make a huge pot of clam chowder to share with some friends.

Its also the first week of Lobster season here on the island, and we got a bunch of fresh caught lobsters to enjoy.

Sadder news, the eggs that I put in the incubator a few weeks back didn’t hatch. I'm not sure what went wrong, I'll have to try again.


  1. how in the world could young people like you buy a farm in Heaven and what made you decide to go there-land there must be very expensive

    1. Land here is surprisingly inexpensive. My husband has family here, which had a lot to do with our decision to make it our home.