Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer's here!!

Its been one of those weekends to remember. So full of fun, and goodness, its perfection. It kicked off with the Solstice on Friday, and what a glorious first day of summer. We drove to the native plant nursery in Orwell and brought home a few treasures to add to our gardens. Some herbs, and witch hazel and a few others. On our way home, we drove down the coast and stopped to gather some wild oysters for our solstice supper. Paul, Wonderful cook that he is, baked them to perfection. We finished the evening roasting marshmallows. As the sun was setting, a big rainbow appeared in the sky.
 photo 106_4725_zps5c4387a6.jpg  photo 106_4729_zps677c3182.jpg  photo 106_4737_zps7b46a4cf.jpg  photo 106_4739_zps144366c9.jpg
We spent the whole day yesterday at the beach. The kids played, ad gathered shells for crafts, the perfect lazy Saturday. We brought home more Oysters to serve at a birthday party tonight, and some Quahogs to eat last night. On the way home we decided to stop and play some minigolf. Got home late and tiered, but it was well worth it.

Today will be spent preparing food, and getting the place ready for a birthday gathering this evening. It promises to be one more perfect day, to end this perfect weekend. Hope you're all having a great first weekend of summer as well.  photo 106_4743_zps365e5dad.jpg  photo 106_4748_zpsb70e5a8f.jpg  photo 106_4749_zps8ecca4be.jpg  photo 106_4751_zps849961f8.jpg

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