Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter stroll

Its been really warm here lately, well above freezing. Since we had so much snow, and it all melted so fast, the farm's been a muddy mess these past few weeks.  Then, on Saturday night, it snowed. I love it when it snows, nothing makes me happier. This particular snow was made up of huge wet flakes that stuck to everything. When we got up on Sunday morning, we just had to go play and explore before it melted away again. (and it was gone by late afternoon) So, as soon as all the animals were fed and watered, we set out for the forest. Here are some pictures of our Sunday morning stroll

 photo 106_5522_zpsa598bcdf.jpg

 photo 106_5526_zps39dde67e.jpg

 photo 106_5528_zpsbd050547.jpg

 photo 106_5536_zps780ad1f9.jpg

 photo 106_5531_zps1386c4af.jpg
the horses watching our return threw the trees. (their field extends a long way to the left of this picture. Their amenities are at the other end of the field)

 photo 9083cca8-69d4-47e3-966c-2a4cf5ceb2a1_zpse24cebaa.jpg
All tuckered out after the fun

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