Thursday, December 26, 2013


Christmas is now passed, for an other year. And I hope yours was as nice as ours. Good food, good drink, family and presents from Thor. Yes friends, that wasn’t a typo, presents from Thor.

After we spent the last week or so researching Norse Yule traditions, The kids came to the unavoidable conclusion that Santa is in fact Thor. I mean, Thor flies around in a chariot pulled by flying goats,  He played an unknown, but central role in the Yule celebrations, he has an affinity for fire and was known to enter houses threw the chimney,  And he lived in a mysterious place, called Northland. So, in light of this the kids insisted on leaving this for Thor instead of milk and cookies

 photo 106_5484_zps7e220c25.jpg

We had an idealistic Christmas morning, with soft, large snowflakes falling gently. A world dressed in white. We had coffee/hot chocolate and opened presents. We were supposed to go have a large Christmas dinner with extended family, But Paul has had a really bad cold for the last while and wasn’t feeling up to it. Rather than having dinner without him, we all opted to stay home and I constructed Santas/Thors out of cheese garlic bread as the face, with bacon eyes and mouth, a ham hat and mash potato hair and beard. Later in the evening, Paul's aunt and uncle stopped by with heaping plates of Turkey dinner for all 4 us. We ate them this morning and I'm still stuffed, yum.

the view out my front door Christmas morning  photo 106_5506_zps1eaf052b.jpg Merry Christmas!!

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