Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lushness of the season

 photo 106_4875_zps33ef6f49.jpg Apples in the old orchard look like they'll be abundant this year  photo 106_4874_zps6fd2dd8e.jpg  photo 106_4871_zps4a7a7439.jpg  photo 106_4869_zpsc75fa262.jpg
A lady slipper orchid passed its prime, but still beautiful  photo 106_4867_zpscfdbe77b.jpg Our red brook the farm is named for. Believe it or not, the brook is crystal clear. the bottom is red sand, and that’s why it looks like that  photo 106_4864_zps820833ce.jpg  photo 106_4863_zps93123fdc.jpg  photo 106_4862_zpsee6854de.jpg Wild strawberries are growing in abundance along the paths  photo 106_4859_zpsa5ad49bf.jpg  photo 106_4857_zpse4d95e59.jpg
Took the dogs for a long hike threw our property yesterday, While I hunted wild roses to make some rose jelly.  The forest is so incredible this time of year.  The berries are just starting, there's flowers every were, the birds are singing and the air smells sweet. I just had to share the beauty with all of you. I feel so blessed to live here.

 photo 106_4846_zps1f957a06.jpg wild rose  photo 106_4884_zpsfb48b03e.jpg getting ready to boil
 photo 106_4890_zpsf648fb6a.jpg
The finished product

Making rose jelly must be the best smell in the world. Imagine the smell of an old fashioned rose, intensified, and drifting threw the kitchen with the steam. I can't wait till that snowy day when I open a bottle of this summer sunshine, and eat it for breakfast. I intend to experiment with this recipe, over the next few weeks, while the roses are blooming, and make several batches of rose jelly.

Today, its raining hard. After the heat wave, and weeks of sunshine, its a welcome site. I intend to make a trip to the farmers market this afternoon, to get some local peaches and strawberries and, well what ever else caches my eye. To then spend my evening again, canning.

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