Thursday, September 12, 2013

Apple time.

My favourite time of year is upon us.  The morning air is crisp and you need a sweater to do the morning chores. The leaves are starting to change colours, The crops are ready for harvest and the apple trees are heavy with fruit. Its time for the abundance of pies, preserves, and people to share them with. In the warm farmhouse kitchen with a fire crackling in the woodstove and a hot beverage in hand.
I've talk about our orchard before. As the season wears on, more and more of the ancient trees are coming into fruit. Our property was a functioning farm for many generations. Paul's grandmother says she can remember some of the trees being old and covered in fruit when she was a child, and she's now in her 90s. New trees were being added, and the old trees tended until the farm was abandoned in the 70s. The original house is now long gone, and the surrounding forest has claimed many of the fruit trees. But many survive. Some are so choked by the advancing tamarack and spruce that all you can see of them is a gnarled old trunk and a few leaves. Others have faired quit well.  We're working to liberate and rejuvenate the old orchard. Clear out the area, plant new trees (old verities only) where none remain, and care for the once that survive. Its a huge undertaking that will take many years, but its so rewarding to see these trees start to recover, and harvest their long forgotten bounty. So far, all we've found is apples but we were told there used to be plums, pears and cherries in abundance as well. It must have been beautiful in its heyday. It still is in a haunting forgotten place kinda way.

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  1. This is also my favorite time of year, I'm excited for you guys, so happy to hear your working on restoring the orchard!!!! It will be alot of work but so rewarding. I'm heading across the street this year again to gather the apples there, as well as some wild grapes!! I miss you guys, so loving the pictures xx