Saturday, August 31, 2013

Building project

We've been working hard this past week. We had to build a home for the 2 newest members of our farm family. 2 sweet little Berkshire pigs.  photo 106_5060_zpsb450b335.jpg We did all the work ourselves, starting with cutting down some trees  photo 106_5022_zps6511adca.jpg and carting them to the build site  photo 106_5025_zpsb25749bf.jpg We hand dug all the fence post holes and put in our posts  photo 106_5048_zps95772973.jpg and put togeter a round wood building frame  photo 106_5049_zps3ca42eaa.jpg  photo 106_5054_zps684e1abf.jpg We then covered the frame with recycled tin  photo 106_5056_zpsf391749e.jpg The smaller tree limbs became fence rails and a piece of pallet became the gate  photo 106_5057_zps3229f031.jpg  photo 106_5058_zps574c58c1.jpg Then, this evening, Paul picked up the pigs from a near by farm. The kids have named them Lucy and Brownie  photo 106_5061_zps8d4f42a8.jpg

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