Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mushroom walk

Its been raining the past few days. Warm, humid and rainy. So, early this morning, when there was a break in the weather, I went strait to the forest to look for mushrooms. I was not disappointed. It seems like every possible mushroom was out, enjoying the warm rain. It was just passed dawn, and everything was still. The damp, spongy ground muffled my footsteps. The forest was completely silent as I crept threw the undergrowth taking pictures. The mushroom diversity is amazing. So many shapes, so many colours.They remind me of delicate flowers that smell of rich, damp earth, and appear as if by magic, with no leaves, or swelling buds to give them away. I wish I knew more about mushrooms, there are only a select few that I can identify beyond doubt. And Mushrooms are not something I'm willing to take a chance on, so for now, its only pictures. I dream of the day that I know enough to go pick us wild mushrooms for dinner. I've been actively searching for someone to teach me, but so far, no luck. Here are some of the beauties I saw:  photo 106_5197_zps6d9dd272.jpg  photo 106_5194_zps33bb90c0.jpg  photo 106_5190_zpsc374fa80.jpg  photo 106_5187_zpsa5137484.jpg  photo 106_5184_zps443545f3.jpg  photo 106_5182_zps467be1f7.jpg  photo 106_5180_zps71d065bd.jpg  photo 106_5178_zps32c53c63.jpg  photo 106_5177_zps2320160e.jpg  photo 106_5172_zpsdd8251cd.jpg  photo 106_5169_zpsee34bc75.jpg  photo 106_5166_zps944ed18f.jpg  photo 106_5159_zpsc161806b.jpg  photo 106_5156_zps5df39d2f.jpg  photo 106_5154_zps6de13c02.jpg  photo 106_5151_zpsebdca357.jpg  photo 106_5148_zps262c3589.jpg  photo 106_5146_zpsd3287c16.jpg  photo 106_5144_zps8a597866.jpg  photo 106_5142_zpsd8f535f9.jpg  photo 106_5141_zps7dc89ddb.jpg  photo 106_5140_zps7811f006.jpg  photo 106_5137_zps74053ce5.jpg  photo 106_5135_zps311c4b25.jpg

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