Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall hustle and bustle

Its the busiest time of year around here. The crops are ready and need to be put up for winter, Firewood needs to be split and ready, animal feed needs to be stored. It seems there's just not enough hours in the day. So, here's a quick summary of the goings on.  photo 106_5121_zps9d627dde.jpg My veggies are ready, and harvest is in full swing.  photo 106_5299_zpsc205bee9.jpg  photo 106_5300_zps88c09708.jpg A fun fall weekend trip to the mainland  photo 106_5312_zps297cf39e.jpg  photo 106_5316_zps9e3f2baf.jpg Our new horse Rowan, is settling in nicely. (we're also getting an other horse on Sunday. Pictures to come)  photo 106_5320_zpsb8e019bc.jpg  photo 106_5325_zps032055e8.jpg The pigs are growing fast, and have learned to climb over their fence (pigs can climb, who knew?)They've become fast friends with Malice, and have taken to waiting for the kids to get home from school by the end of the driveway, and walking them to the front door. Sorry for the shortness of this post, but now I have to run. Lots more needs to be done before the frosts come, and snow blankets the ground and we get to rest.

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