Wednesday, August 14, 2013

fair fun and horses

Its Old home week in Charlottetown. An annual event that dates back to 1888. Agricultural shows, cart races, and of course rides. We spent the day there yesterday. The kids had a blast. I was sad I missed the poultry show, but it was a fun filled day anyway.

 photo 106_4940_zpsf5f6e78f.jpg  photo 106_4946_zpsf3ce8278.jpg  photo 106_4948_zps8a7669c9.jpg  photo 106_4954_zps57f0e7d5.jpg  photo 106_4955_zps569e8cd5.jpg Today, we had planed an early morning trail ride. However, due to one little monkey not feeling well, It became a father daughter activity. They had so much fun, and I look forward to joining them next time.  photo 106_4958_zps94f46698.jpg  photo 106_4964_zps2098a1a8.jpg  photo 106_4965_zps883c1d2e.jpg

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