Sunday, August 18, 2013

Talking Chickens

I have a flock of approximately 24 chickens, who freerange around our farm. They peck around for worms, dust bathe in our fire pit, eat every scrap I put in our compost bin, and give me a constant supply of eggs. I can't imagine not waking up to crowing in the morning, or watching they're funny antics for hours on end. So, in light of this, I thought I'd introduce some of my flock.  photo 106_4993_zpsdc2639ec.jpg  photo 106_4996_zps000c428f.jpg This is Brutus, part Ameraucanna rooster. most of his chicks lay eggs in shades of blue and green  photo 106_5003_zps5f302c7a.jpg  photo 106_5004_zps872b7b85.jpg The red rooster is Iron Man, he's top dog around the coop, and one of the friendlies roos I've ever had. He likes to rub up against my legs like a cat  photo 106_5009_zps1067611c.jpg My helper feeding them apples  photo 106_4991_zps48bb65f0.jpg The chicks we hatched a while back, getting used to the yard, and getting to know the other chickens from the safety of a caged area. (they are part silkie, part gamehen)  photo 106_4971_zpsced0e07e.jpg This part Brahma hen named snow just hatched 6 beautiful chicks  photo 106_4975_zps1fb889c8.jpg
and someone was extra thrilled

I Hope you enjoyed meeting my chickens

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  1. I love the new picture's Iron Man is beautiful and the new chicks are lovely xx