Saturday, December 14, 2013

Let it snow

 photo 106_5421_zpsac23254b.jpg  photo 106_5417_zps5af4a40b.jpg  photo 106_5412_zps89a480c2.jpg  photo 106_5411_zps073a2838.jpg  photo 106_5407_zps8ef0e991.jpg  photo 106_5404_zps9a2eae26.jpg  photo 106_5422_zpsf4654566.jpg  photo 106_5425_zps9c0e62c2.jpg Things have just been speeding along here, there was just too much to do before the ground froze. Not enough hours in the day. But this week, the snow has come. Everything's soft and white, and I have enough time to take some pictures, and do a bit of writing. We got a new horse. A stunning Gypsy Vanner named Fynn. He's an 11 year old who is the sweetest most cooperative horse I've ever worked with. He gets along great with Star and Rowan, He even taught them to use The large shelter we built for them. We also got two Oberhasli goats, a mother and daughter. named Iseabail and Sugar. They're a handful, so sweet but always finding a way to get into something they shouldn’t. Well worth it for the milk I'll get from them next year. I can't wait to try my hand at cheese making and yoghurt and butter...not to mention the fresh milk. The Children are really excited to learn to milk and for the birth of our first kids. For now they're just enjoying spending time, bonding with there new friends. I'm so happy that things will slow down for a bit around here. They're calling for a big snow storm tomorrow and I'm ready. I'm looking forward to hunkering down by the fire, some good reading and snuggling with my little monkeys.

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