Sunday, December 22, 2013

yule goats on the solstice

Yule goats are one of the oldest Scandinavian Christmas traditions. No one really knows where the idea of celebrating goats on Christmas came from, but the leading theory is that it is connected to the goats that pulled Thor's chariot threw the sky. Many strange (to us now) traditions cropped up threw the years involving the Yule goat. Men dressed up as goats and went door to door singing songs, The family’s oldest living man would dress up as the Yule goat to give presents to the children. More recently, a goat was dressed up as saint Nick and paraded threw the village, For most of December it was common for Children (and kids) to play pranks on everyone. and most well known, a giant goat was made out of straw to look over the village. Its unbelievable how many of our modern day Christmas tradition we owe to the Yule goat. So, this Christmas season, Don't forget our faithful friend the goat  photo 106_5440_zps85350de5.jpg  photo 106_5442_zpsd487e7e1.jpg We had amazing weather for the solstice this year. It was warm, everything melting. The perfect day to spend outside. We let the goats out of their pen to play. They get so upset when anyone's outside and they're stuck behind a fence. They like to fallow you around like little puppy dogs. The kids built snowmen, and the goats would destroy them. The game went on for hours. So cute!!  photo 106_5438_zps3212f84b.jpg After our awesome solstice feast, I went outside to finish up the chores, and as if right on cue, This huge, unbelievably bright moon came out form behind the clouds to light the yard for me. Happy Solstice everyone! and have a goaty Christmas.  photo 98237a38-cb21-4818-bb6a-74839a927a55_zps15922738.jpg (If your thinking the moon is wrong, that’s because it is. This was taken last week, on the full moon. I did not have my camera with me at chore time last night)

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