Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Yule goats day 3

There seems to be a lot of conflicting accounts about how long Yule actually lasted. Every one is in agreement that it started on the Solstice and lasted a while, and culminated with a giant feast, But that’s all we seem to know for sure. Since it starts with the solstice, I would say its safe to assume it had a lot to do with the sun. Since in the north, the sun barely rises at all in the days surrounding the solstice, I bet the return of the sun would have been a pretty big deal, and chances are that is what Yule was about. So how long did the celebration last? Some accounts say it was 12 days (giving us the 12 days of Christmas) and others say not until January 12th. Again, most the accounts agree that in the 10th century AD, King H├íkon the Good, who was a Christian, demanded that Yule should be held on the 25th of December in accordance with the continental Christmas celebrations. I could go on and on about the history and myths surrounding Yule. and if you'd like to learn more, This is a great article, that I highly recommend  

For today’s Yule goat picture, Here is Iseabail with a big ribbon

 photo 106_5469_zps119db43e.jpg
We have beautiful weather at the moment, well above freezing and clear. The goats weren’t the only once who took advantage of the day.  photo 106_5470_zpsf3bc7f52.jpg The chickens could not be persuaded to come outside, but the geese are out even on the nastiest days  photo 106_5476_zps011ff89a.jpg

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